Carlina Fiordilino

Stanwood-Camano Rotary is embarking on a new pre-kindergarten literacy program in honor of one of our community's best-loved educators, Shelly Greer.  The program is called The Imagination Library and is coordinated by the Dollywood Foundation.  

For $27 per year, a child receives an age-appropriate book delivered to their home every month.  Research has proven that the love of books begins in very early childhood and quickly becomes a love of reading.  If a child is registered for this program at birth, they will have 60 books in their own personal library by the time they enter kindergarten!

Our Rotary Club has agreed to be the community leader for this program and has already committed sufficient funds for the first year.  Soon, we will host a roll-out event and work with other organizations to gather contact information for children who would like these free books.  We expect to have this program rolled out, and books arriving in children's mailboxes, in January of 2008.

Theresa Metzger

Literacy Committee
Terry Greer
Theresa Metzger 
Dave & Joanne Lipscomb
Nancy L Voelckers 
Terry McTigue 
Carlina Fiordilino (Kindergarten Teacher & Librarian from Stanwood Elementary School)