Posted by Terry Greer
Julie Vess was  presented the award of Rotarian of the Month for April.  Julie is celebrating her fifth year as a Rotarian and has also exhibited “Service Above Self”.  Julie was President of our club last year, which was a major obligation.  Many Past Presidents want and need to take a year off from major responsibilities after serving in that position.  To the contrary, in her “Past President’s year”,  Julie was as active as  ever in club activities.  She was a major force in our 25th anniversary party, arranging the physical aspects of the venue with all that this entails, serving on the committee, providing direction, and working on many “behind the scenes” tasks.  Julie also took on a  major element of our “Oktoberfest” fundraiser, doing the data entry for the event.  This is a huge job, but Julie stepped forward to  help make Oktoberfest fun, smooth and profitable.   Julie does not like the limelight, but can often be seen behind the scenes working to make events and programs successful by stepping forward when there is a need.  She is an amazing combination of can-do, competence, modesty, and professionalism. 
As a new member of the Rotary family Terrence Bedford has adopted Rotary’s motto of “Service Above Self” much faster than most.  From his first Rotary meeting in October of last year, it was obvious that Terrance has a servant’s heart and was willing to help out in any possible.  He would help clean up after meetings, help set up the meetings, volunteer to collect Happy Dollars, volunteer to perform invocations, and assist in any way possible.  When we were asking for a member to serve as the Chairperson of the 25th Club Anniversary event, Terrence immediately volunteered.  It was a large commitment, especially for a new member to organize and lead a committee to celebrate the past 25 years.  Terrence did a fantastic job organizing the event, providing leadership for the committee and even acting as the Master of Ceremony.  Our guests at this event had a great time and got to know about what our Rotary Club had done over the past 25 years as well as  what Rotary represents and how one  small Rotary Club can impact a community.  Terrence Bedford has shown what Service Above Self means and has truly earned the recognition of “Rotarian of the Month” for May.
Our club is very fortunate to have Terrence and Julie as members and both epitomize what it is to be  a Rotarian.