Returning from a recent trip to Ohio, Dave noticed an interesting family in the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky airport waiting for the plane to Seattle.  There was an older couple and a young couple who had a tiny baby.  They appeared by their attire to possibly be from one of the Slavic nations.  Perhaps, they were immigrating to our country.  Upon arrival at the Seattle/Tacoma Airport late at night, the little family was surrounded by at least 20 people who had come to greet the newcomers.  There was much hugging and kissing, an obvious but not blatant show of family love and adoration.  It was a truly heart-warming sight.

A kind and loving family is an essential ingredient for a happy and fulfilling life.  When family relations become strained, the sky seems to become dark and the outlook appears bleak.  Therefore we do what we can to keep our family intact and make sure family interactions are positive.  To do so makes ultimate sense in order to assure greater joy in our lives.

Our Stanwood/Camano Island Rotary is made up of persons who are dedicated to family relationships and the fellowship that occurs within family. 

Had you thought of this?  Rotary belongs in the context of family!  Also, had you thought of inviting your spouse or significant other to join with us in the family of the Stanwood/Camano Island Rotary?

On occasion, there are couples who are in Rotary, but they are in separate clubs.  Perhaps the most striking example came clear to us at PETS in March.  There was a married couple there who were both President-elect of their respective Rotary clubs.  Whew! 

Our own Kristy Stephenson is an example of both halves of the family being in Rotary -- but in separate clubs.  Kyle is a Rotarian in the Arlington Club.  It is certain, they have given much to both the Stanwood/Camano Island and Arlington Clubs.  Our purpose, tho in this article, is to encourage couples to belong to the same Rotary club. 

It is not as strange as it might have seemed a couple of decades ago.  You need look no farther than your co-presidents to see how significant coupling within Rotary can be.  We have become acquainted with a delightful couple (Dave and Tracy deLorm) who are both members of the Lake Stevens/Granite Falls Rotary.  Within this district, there are quite a few couples in Rotary together.  What a great experience!

No doubt, taking the prize, though, is the Rotary Club of La Conner.  Those of you who have visited the La Conner Rotary are aware that it is a club approximately the size of our own.  BUT - within the membership of the La Conner Rotary Club are eleven (11) married couples!!!  Wow!!!

As we continue our efforts to increase our club membership, perhaps it is good advice to look around within the confines of your own home.  Have you considered inviting your spouse or significant other to consider joining the Stanwood/Camano Island Rotary?  Would you do so?  We know that so many of the spouses of our members are outstanding persons in their own right.  Why not tap that resource?

Or, for those of you who have grown children in the area, have you considered inquiring as to the children's interest in Rotary fellowship.  At one time, the criterion for Rotary membership was for one to be an executive or a business owner.  Those criteria are still in force, but have been broadened to include persons who are professionals, community active persons, leaders, volunteers and others whose impact on the community would be significant through their alliance with Rotary.

Give it some serious thought - our club will benefit and the community will profit from the additional group of willing workers.

We suggest that plans be made by the Membership Committee  to have a special meeting wherein spouses and significant others can be honored and be invited to consider membership.  After all, why should the folks in La Conner have all the fun.

We wish you all great joy as the Holiday Season is upon us.

JoAnn and Dave