Aug 21, 2019 12:00 PM
Jaimey Leland: Strength in Numbers

Prior to starting her nonprofit organization, Strength In Numbers, Jaimey worked as a certified
bookkeeper for Simple Solutions, for which she was the sole proprietor, for the better part of 16 years.
After a successful career in accounting Jaimey found herself deeply drawn to volunteer work. Her
projects while residing in Portland were largely focused on underage victims of human trafficking in the
United States. She has received three certifications for her participation in the fight to end human sex
While in Portland, she spent 8 years providing meals, coats, blankets and hygiene items to the homeless
each Thanksgiving and Christmas and also regularly volunteered at the Portland Rescue Mission feeding
those in need at their nightly dinner service.
In 2016, while living in Seattle, Jaimey and her husband volunteered weekly with the Union Gospel
Mission serving meals and providing street outreach to those in need.
In 2017 Jaimey and her husband moved to Camano Island. Her current professional interests focus on
the homeless crisis as well as the opioid epidemic and those whom are affected locally. The nonprofit,
Strength In Numbers, was formed in January of 2019 and currently provides meals and resource referral
to more than 100 individuals several days a week. In addition to operating her nonprofit, she is a
member of both the Coalition to End Homelessness and Operation Homeless Connect in Skagit County
and volunteers once a week providing street outreach and advocacy for individuals struggling with
addiction and homelessness in Mount Vernon.