Posted by Stephen Morach
During President Terry’s term, the Stanwood/Camano Island Rotary club has contributed $12,056.00 toward Annual Programs Fund.   We have also contributed $2,220 toward Polio eradication.  We have been the top club in Annual Giving Per Member for the past two terms.   We are currently the top club at $446.52 per member for 2017-2018.   If we finish in the top three, we will receive a banner award.
We have received the (EREY) Every Rotarian, Every Year banner award, for the past 9 consecutive terms, in which every member, who has been a member, for more than one year, contributed something to the Rotary Foundation.   We have also received the 100% Sustaining Member banner, for five consecutive terms, in which every member, who has been a member for more than a year, contributed $100 or more to the Rotary Foundation for Annual Giving.
So, how can you help the club?   By making a check payable to the “Rotary Foundation” and giving to Nancy V or myself.   You can also contribute online, by logging into  if you need help, contact me.  The deadline, for this term, is June 30th.  If you have joined our club, since July 1st, you don’t have to contribute, for us to win the EREY or 100% Sustaining member awards.   But, by contributing, you can help our club finish in the top 3, and receive a banner award.
When we donate $100 towards the Annual Programs Fund, $50 goes toward the World Fund, where it is spent, wherever the need is greatest, for grants and program opportunities available to all Rotary districts.  The other $50 is invested for 3 years, earnings pay administrative costs, and the $50 comes back to our District, for matching grants and projects like the IPA project and when we built a playground on Camano.  So, 100% of your contribution is used for Rotary projects and programs.
When you contribute toward Polio Plus, the contributes are considered “restricted giving” and are only used toward Polio eradication efforts.   Every dollar, that we give to the Rotary Foundation, for Polio, is matched 2 for 1, by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.  Your contributions, toward Annual Giving or Polio,  help you achieve Paul Harris award pins.  Contributions towards Annual Giving, help our club receive awards. 
I hope that you will contribute and be a part of our winning team.  If you have questions, feel free to contact me at any time.
Thanks again for everything that you do for Rotary and the Rotary Foundation,
Steve Morach
Foundation Chair