Wednesday, August 27 will be the first Club Assembly Meeting of our new Rotary year.  For those of us who have been in club for awhile, we realize that it has been a long time since our last club assembly.  For those who are relatively new to the club, this may be your first opportunity to really see what makes this club tick.

Club Assembly is basically a work session. Following the "regular" part of our meeting, we will break out into committees so we can start decide the direction of our club for the year.  The first step to this was when our new board met at a retreat and decided what projects we wanted to do, followed by club members stepping up and volunteering to chair the projects, and finally each of you doing an on-line survey in which you told me the projects you would want to participate in. 

For this weeks Club Assembly, we will be breaking out into only four committees: Auction , Kenya Dental Project, Parade and Student Exchange. Some of you may not be serving on any of these committees and if that is the case, we still want you to take the opportunity to sit with any one of these groups, listen to what is going on, and offer your suggestions or comments. You might even find that something catches your interest and you may want to get involved in that project along with the ones you are already signed up to do. The best thing is that it will give you another opportunity to serve.

Make dreams real.

President Jim