The term public relations stirs all sorts of pictures in people's heads. While some consider it critical others see it more as something from the back pages of a Harry Potter novel and want to label it a necessary evil. Within the context of our club it is simply a matter of storytelling - telling anyone that will listen the positive impacts that our club and international organization make in our community and in thousands more just like it.

Public Relations does not exist in a vacuum. Every time you wear your Rotary pin, invite someone to a meeting or event, or participate in a service project you are engaging in one of the best forms of storytelling - one that is shown by example.

The Board has directed that the club's PR efforts primarily create and maintain mind space in the community around what Rotary does and the impact it makes. In doing this well the next goal becomes far easier - increasing participation of both members and non-members in the club's activities thereby increasing our ability to attract increasing financial participation from outside the club. This means not only individuals but also organizations outside of the club.

How does this happen? With a little organization, a dash of creativity and many helpful hands. Here is how you can help.

1. Put your friends in the know. Our club bulletin goes to members and to those interested in Rotary activities. Know someone who might be interested in reading what we are doing? Have them add their e-mail address to the newsletter list via the form on our web site ( ) or send it directly to Jack Meyers ( ) to be added. People may remove themselves if they choose and there is never any cost.

2. Put someone in the spotlight. Have you run across an interesting topic or person lately? Odds are you have and that 30 or 40 other people might be interested too. You don't have to decide, send speaker ideas or contacts to Mike Ganz ( ) and he'll run it up the fire hose, err, flag pole.

3. Make sure we are in the news. Have a thought on something we should put in the paper? Let James ( ) know and it might just be there next week.

4. Put the show on the road. We will be taking our show on the road to other organizations in the next few months. Interested in talking about the projects we support? Talk with Jim Jonson ( ) about adding your voice to the choir.

5. Talk to each other too. In the coming weeks you will start to see "interviews" with some of our long-time members in the bulletin. You may learn something new or find a whole new connection.