We are reminded in the scriptures that it is foolish to "keep your light under a bushel".  Rather, when there is news, when there is information, when there are tales to tell, when there are good achievements, we are encouraged to share them.

For too long, Rotary has been pretty quiet.  Rotary International played a giant role in the near eradication of polio.  Yet, how many people in the world know that?  It is because Rotary members have not been "beating their own drum".  Yet, an appropriate public relations program is warranted not so much to pat ourselves on the back, as to raise the profile of this fantastic organization.  By increasing the visibility of Rotary in local, state, national and international venues, we teach by leading.  Further, we increase interest in this organization for the purpose of encouraging others to put their shoulders to the plow as well by joining local Rotary clubs. 

As your PResidents, we are vitally interested in spreading the word about Rotary.  It is discouraging to read some of the answers people give to the question: "What is Rotary?".  Wouldn't it be nice if a majority of folks would state categorically that Rotary is a service organization that helped to beat back polio; that eases suffering in the world by aiding impoverished people in their quest to improve their quality of life: that provides wells yielding far more clean water than some world citizens have ever known; that provides warm clothing and food for those who have none; on and on.....?

In the above paragraph, you noted how we spelled "presidents".  That was not a typo although the spell-checker kept changing the "r" to lower case thinking "that fool has too many caps...".  No, the PR is there for a purpose.  As PResidents, we endeavor to lead the way in public relations efforts for the Stanwood/Camano Rotary. 

There are many ways this local Rotary unit is raising the profile of the organization.  Our food drive each Thanksgiving introduces Rotary to many who did not know about us.  Periodically, we pick up trash along the roadway on Camano Island.  Our Fair Parade is dotted with the word "Rotary" since we sponsor the event.  Operation Warm gets recognition each year as hundreds of new, warm and beautiful coats are delivered for distribution to underprivileged children.  Our annual auction introduces many attendants to our projects and aspirations for the funds raised at the auction.

So, our imprint on the community is ever increasing.  That is well and good.  Yet, we can do more.  Let's keep our activities going and obtaining credit for the Rotary organization through whose auspices these projects are undertaken.

Thank you for being part of an increasing sphere of knowledge of what rotary is about.

Our love and best wishes to each of you,

JoAnn and Dave