WOW!!!  The past year, our little local organization has made some giant strides in fomenting Rotary outreach.  Let us count some of the ways:

1.  We are sponsoring an outgoing high school exchange student.  Ashley Hall, a resident of the Stanwood area, left in August to take her place as an exchange student in Praesto, Denmark.  This is a small town near Copenhagen.  Ashley is an outstanding scholar as well as being a very confident young lady.  She is a fabulous representative of our country, and particularly of our community and Rotary club.

2.  We are sponsoring an incoming high school exchange student from the Canary Islands.  Marta Solano Carpintero arrived in August and will be staying with three local families during her school year in our community.  She has already visited the Stanwood/Camano Rotary club and we have all fallen in love with this cute and confident young lady.  For those of you who have not had a chance to visit with Marta, please take the opportunity to sit at her table when she visits on Wednesdays so you can see for yourself that we are blessed to have been assigned such a great student.  This activity has already borne fruit in many ways.  Recently, the call went out for applications for outgoing exchange students.  Several applications are being prepared already.

3.  Greg Gilday, our outstanding chairman of the Student Exchange Committee had an idea.  He felt that it would be good to obtain a reserved "space" in the Stanwood High School for our incoming exchange student each year.  Following up, Greg wrote to the Superintendent of our School System, Jean Sumate requesting that the School System guarantee a "space" each year for our incoming exchange student.  The request was granted!!!  This is something new as far as we know.  But, it is a superior idea.  Our District Governor, John Bosch is very impressed with the fact we were able to gain a reserved place.  Gov John wants to meet with the Student Exchange Committee to learn more of this procedure so he can share it with other interested clubs in the district.  Of course, now we are obligated to follow through and sponsor an incoming high school exchange student each year. 

4.  We have sponsored the application of Kayce Ericksen for one of the two Ambassadorial Scholarships granted by District 5050 each year.  Kayce's application was accepted and she will embark on her 2008-2009 year as a graduate student.  She has expressed interest in one of three universities in South Africa.  At present, Kayce is in Korea.  She is also visiting other countries in Asia as part of her Korean placement.  She certainly is a world traveler and we know through her wonderful spirit and personality, we will again be well represented internationally.

None of the above successes would have occurred if were not for the dedication and efforts of many people in our club and in District 5050.  The outreach gained by this effort though brings incalculable returns.

Love and best wishes to all,

JoAnn and Dave