STEVE MCCOY:  What can I say?  From teaching me, continuously, regarding Robert’s Rules and generally serving as my go-to for all non-financial questions.  Steve came to our club in November 2016 and I don’t think he had any idea what sort of sleigh ride he was hopping on.  From being a valued contributor to the Parade, Chairman of the Oktberfest committee as well as the Club and Foundation’s secretary.  I think we all can agree Steve has demonstrated amazing grace and fortitude in swimming in the sometimes choppy waters of Rotary.
PEGGY BURR:  Although Peggy has been juggling many responsibilities in her business environment, she has managed to not only learn in every changing environment of Youth Service.  As the laws and rules of Youth Protection continue to evolve, Peggy is making our Exchange Program happen.  Her dedication to the Youth of our Club makes her the perfect candidate for the Governor’s Award.