Monday, July 7th, Terry Greer hosted a Farewell Party for Marta.  It was a warm summer evening just perfect for a party and barbeque.   As you can see by the photos, a fantastic time was had by all who came to say goodbye to a wonderful young girl from The Canary Islands (The Happy Islands).

Following the BBQ and Fellowship, everyone made a circle and one at time present Marta with a balloon and gave her a goodbye hug.  When Marta had collected all the balloons and hugs she let them go.  Auld Lang Syne was sung.  Marta proposed a toast.  Later Marta and Ford entertained those remaining with songs on their guitars.

Thank you Terry Greer for a superb Farewell Party-a "memorable" evening for sure.

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**  Photos by Terry Greer and Jack Meyers

Auld Lang Syne:  Open link below to hear the first verse.