From the Presidents'

For about two decades, Dave directed the Noise Research Laboratory in his department at the University of Tennessee.  Many of the investigations were designed to study various contributing or inhibiting influences on the development and progression of noise-induced hearing impairment.  One area of interest had to do with various forms of stress and whether stressful experiences increased susceptibility to noise-induced impairment.

In one of the attempts to evaluate overcrowding as a stressor, hooded rats were allowed to overpopulate their holding cages.  Interestingly, once the population reached a certain number, the increases in population growth slowed and then stopped.  There seemed to be a natural aversion to procreation under overcrowding conditions - at least for hooded rats.

Perhaps, a more palatable example of the same point comes from research concerning organization growth.  It was found that when an organization, such as a church congregation, grows to about 80% of the facility space and seating capacity, growth slows and then stops.  When the organization enlarges the facility, growth resumes until the 80% level is again reached.

It is certain that the Stanwood/Camano Rotary had reached its 80% point, even though we were still growing.  After ten years at the Senior Center, by expanding to the delightful facility at the Board Room in the Stanwood/Camano School System Administration Building, we will be well below 80% capacity.  Just think how our growth can continue!!

Our President, Wilf Wilkinson has emphasized growth in membership as a major goal for RI, particularly for North America where numbers or Rotarians have diminished significantly over the past decade.  Our club has responded admirably to the challenge.  Of course, we aren't through.  Now, we have a larger facility that can accommodate more Rotarians.  More Rotarians can do much more good work.  That is one of  the joys of adding new friends to our membership.

Next Wednesday, we will occupy our new quarters for the first time.  We are confident that you will greatly enjoy being part of the new environment.  Our thanks to Theresa Metzger for making the suggestion that we explore the Administration Building space.  As you look around the enlarged space, envision how nice it will be to have even more Rotarians contained therein.

With new members and an enlarged club, we are challenged to make sure each Rotarian finds one or more places and projects that are meaningful and that utilize the many talents and capabilities that make them Rotarians.

Enjoy the new meeting location.

Warmest good wishes to each of you,

JoAnn and Dave