On Wednesday of this week, each member of our club will have the unique opportunity to change their life, and change the lives of others.  District Governor Larry Stinson will be the honored guest at our meeting this week and will deliver a message that will have the power to change each of us.  Many of our newer members can use this opportunity to discover the power of Rotary. Other long time members can use our District Governor's message to reinforce how they already feel. 

Although the new Rotary year is only two months old, District Governor Stinson has already visited 10 clubs, and by the first week of December he will have visited all 55 clubs in the District.  What a commitment he has made.  We can all show our appreciation to him by setting aside this Wednesday and making a commitment to attend our meeting.  Wouldn't it be something if the roof was filled to capacity for his visit?  What a great opportunity for members to invite a guest and show them what Rotary is all about.

Let's all make this week a platform to capture your Rotary moment.