How many visitors to the Stanwood/Camano Rotary comment on our club being a very friendly group?  How many also comment about the wonderful atmosphere of the club?  The answer to both questions is: "A lot of visitors".

Perhaps no comment or observation about our Rotary Club means as much to us as your Prezi as the above ones.  Our club is a far cry from the sober, somber stereotype some seem to hold for Rotary.  You know, that one that says Rotary is a bunch of staid businessmen who meet for lunch each week.  No, we are a joyful bunch.  There are several reasons for the attitude and atmosphere of the Stanwood/Camano Rotary.  A representative few are:

1.  We are among friends!!  Each member seems to fully enjoy each other member .  This spirit crosses over to visitors who are seated at one of the tables.  There is a good deal of mixing-up in seating at our meetings rather than each table being comprised of the same folks week after week.   Members are encouraged to get to know each other by moving around the room from week to week.  It is usually with hesitation that we strike the bell to begin the meeting because we are interrupting the happy and friendly "buzz" during lunch.

2.  There is a chance to network with others in the community.  In some instances, we have opportunity to share business information or work opportunities.  That, of course, was one of the guiding principles of the original organizers of Rotary more than 100 years ago.  But, our networking takes on far greater and broader meaning for us when, in addition to business contacts, we take a personal interest in what is going on in the lives, families and businesses represented by the membership.

3.  Happy dollars ($$$$) is another fabulous opportunity not only to raise some coin for the club's coffers, but for us to learn about each other.  When someone becomes a grandparent -- happy $$$.  When one's child(ren) achieve(s) - happy $$$.  When we are going on a great vacation - happy $$$.  There, of course can be sad $$$, cautious $$$, expectant $$$, etc.  The important feature of this aspect of our Rotary lives is the sharing.  That is particularly apropos (practicing a little French before our trip in three weeks) this year when President Wilf Wilkinson adopted the theme: "Rotary Shares". 

4.  Hedonism.  Yes, hedonism!!!  When we give to others, the gift we receive is usually greater than the gift we give.  We feel the joy of accomplishment and sharing.  When we participate in Rotary projects, we have a great feeling that causes the joy of knowing we are easing troubles for other human beings.

Well, there are doubtless many other reasons our club is seen as being an especially friendly and happy group.  The above list gives only a few reasons.  Let's keep it up.

Love and best wishes to each of you, 

JoAnn and Dave